Derek Spigener (Drums)

My first legitimate music study began at age 5. After constant 'tapping and banging', my parents agreed I should be turned over to the Professor of Percussion at Baylor University (Waco, Texas) for some proper channeling. Forty years later, I'm still tapping and hitting things. I've been the featured drummer and vocalist with The President's USAF Headquarters Band, the Air Force Band of New England, and a myriad of performance arenas throughout the globe. It's been a joy to share stages with so many who inspire me. I am passionate about instruction and am kept busy with clinics, seminars, and all things related to musical study. I currently operate two venues of private instruction when not touring with Charley. My true slice of heaven resides anywhere there's family. Maria and I are fortunate to have constant contact with kids, grand kids, and family members scattered abroad. Annually, we pop over for family visits in Italy, Argentina, Chile etc. A very pleasant reminder that ours' continues to be a glorious life.